Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Valedictory Speech

“One science centre, one garden, two computer laboratories, sixteen mobile classrooms, twenty-seven teachers, seven-hundred-and-thirty-nine learners and outstanding results, is my school.

“To the chairperson, I extend my appreciation for having this opportunity.
“Good afternoon honourable guests, respectable Headmistress, lovable parents, admirable teachers and fellow colleagues.

“On behalf of the Grade 12s, I introduce to you this candle, a symbol of a light in this school; the light that we looked up to when we had no hope. The light that restored our dreams, hopes, and desires when we thought we had lost them; the light that, still, unites us and consoles our spirits in times of sorrow and pain.

“Before I hand it over, can the Grade 12s rise up? Allow us ladies and gentlemen to hand this symbol over, to the next Grade 12 class. Furthermore, allow us go out to the world to explore new horizons, to break new grounds, to bring this country fame and fortune, to erect ourselves and the next generations fortresses and pillars, to write our own history, to shape our future to accomplish our dreams and most importantly, to reach our destiny.

 “Grade 12 was an odyssey (a journey) and this light made it pleasant. Off now the Grade 12s go, to new heights; to complete immeasurable achievements: profound science discoveries, innovative technology inventions, intense medical research and ground-breaking business enterprises.

“May the entire the Grade 11s, stand up. Proudly proclaim these words after me: 'I am, I can and I will.' Come on I can't hear you, shout, 'I am, I can and I will.' That's the spirit! Now let this be known unto you all: You are, you can and you will succeed; not some of you but all of you! You must remember the 5 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

“As you (ladies and gentlemen) are witnesses of this magnificent event, you are obliged to offer our successors, the Grade 11s, more support and love as we depart.

“Now, I surrender this candle to Lethukuthula Moyo, an eleventh Grade ambassador. 'Please, lift it up.' This must not only be literally, Grade 11s, but must be with the purpose of raising this school‟s banner high up to the skies.

“Do not limit yourselves though, but use the word POSSIBILITIES as your motto. Be undeniable and that is only possible through hard work and passion. Have the zeal to be prosperous and be in this world the ambassadors of this school. Be determined and patient, since determination breeds success and perseverance prevails.

“Nonetheless, this light must no fade away or go faint but must be fed with decent deeds, charismatic qualities, pioneering accomplishments, leadership skills and academic merit. Ladies and gentlemen give a round of applause for the next Matric class and the Matriculants of 2011.”

(15th of September, 2011).